Flag Football

flag football

First introduced in the 2015 season and met with great excitement, the NKYFL is continuing its Flag Football program for children ages 4-5. This non-competitive level is designed to allow our youngest fans to get involved in the sport they love while teaching them basics of football and team spirit in a safe environment, free of contact.

Patient coaches will work with children in a way that is sure to not only build excitement for future competitive play but also bring smiles and fun for all who participate.

How to get your child involved:

  • Contact your organization to see if this is offered in your area.
  • If your organization does not offer flag for the 2015 season, feel free to contact Erbey Erdman at ukerbey@yahoo.com for more details on how to get involved. Erbey is also available to answer any questions you have on this level of play as well as direct those who are unsure who their home organization would be.


  • Waivers are not needed at this level.
  • If you join another organization for flag football this season, please know this is a temporary move and you will be transitioned back to your local organization once at an age that your child is able to participate for your local team.

We are sure this will be a hit and we hope to continue to grow this in the years to come!