On a cold January 4th, 2016, Brooklyn Smith turned 5 years old. This sweet kindergarten student at St. Joseph Academy in Walton, KY celebrated as most her age probably do with Barbies and books topping her wish list, a beautiful Barbie cake, and a party with those who make her face light up with joy. Just one week later, her family received the crushing news that Brooklyn had DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma). If DIPG does not yet sound familiar, I am sure it will when I mention the name Lauren Hill.

After having followed Lauren’s story and the amazing gift she left behind for the children who heartbreakingly follow in her footsteps, the NKYFL Board of Directors showed no hesitation in stepping up to Smile For Brooklyn and are now asking you to Smile as well.

At all games played this coming weekend, October 1st and 2nd, our member organizations will be offering a split the pot with the proceeds going to Smile for Brooklyn to help cover mounting costs and in working to find a cure for DIPG. The proceeds will then be presented to Smile for Brooklyn at our Super Bowl event at the Walton-Verona Sports Complex.

We invite you to not only participate in the Split the Pot this coming weekend but also to print THIS PDF FLYER (shown below) and let us see your SMILES FOR BROOKLYN! Don’t forget to upload your photos HERE and share on social media with the hashtag #SmileForBrooklyn.

To follow Smile for Brooklyn, check out their Facebook page here.
If you’d like to contribute to their GoFundMe, you can do so HERE.

All funds raised will be presented to Smile for Brooklyn and the Smith family during
the Super Bowl event at the Walton-Verona Sports Complex on October 30th.