We know each organization is different.  For some, it is a team parent who handles their individual team packet needs, while for others, they streamline and have one person handle all packets.  Whomever you assign in your organization for this project, here are a few things that should help.

Every child participating in the NKYFL (football and cheer) must have a participant packet at the start of the season Jamboree.  These packets must include (in the following order):

  • Photo of the child
  • NKYFL Contract
  • Birth certificate copy (must be clear and readable)
  • Sports physical dated through November of the current year

Please have player / cheer packets in matching order of  your NKYFL Official Roster.

Note: If a player is not in district, a NKYFL Waiver Request is mandatory.
This is the responsibility of your league director.
You may want to communicate with the director to ensure this
process has been completed prior to the Jamboree weekend.


  1. What do we place on the ORGANIZATION line?
    This would be your organization – Walton-Verona, Taylor Mill, Spartans, etc
  2. What do we place on the TEAM line?
    This would be the level of play – Starter, Midget, PeeWee and so on.
  3. Who signs for Manager?
    An official representative of your organization such as your President or Vice President.
  4. What if the player / cheerleader is too young to sign their name?
    When a child is too young to sign, they can print their name.

If you have more questions to add to this Q&A, let us know so we can make this has helpful as possible for the years ahead.